Cutting Edge source link CXC Talent Solutions results-driven approach to business sets us apart.  We are working to build teams of the best people in the Apartment industry: people who are hard-wired to be intellectually curious, ethical, provide an exceptional customer experience, and deliver tangible predictable results.

follow To that end, we are using the latest technologies to secure the top talent in the Apartment industry, and present them the best career opportunities in the industry.

Digital interviewing is a modern, new way to interview. Simply record your answers to pre-set interview questions using your webcam-enabled device—laptop, desktop, and mobile device (iOS and Android smartphones and tablets), and that's it!  Your responses will be shared across hiring teams so we can best assess your skills and fit. It will help speed our hiring process and keep you well informed along the way. CXC Talent Solutions is leveraging their investment in technology, recruiting process improvement, performance data analytics correlated to candidate profiles to change the rules of what to expect from your staffing company partners and improve the overall experience for all of its team members and customers. We have developed a "Selection Science" that will statistically improve the hiring process and staff selection for our client partners.

Many industries have been using this science to improve their hiring success rate and most of all improve bottom line performance. The results are in the bottom line! If you believe a quality, service focused, and dedicated on site management and maintenance team can improve your property operating performance by as little as 2% then using our proven selection methods to meet your direct hire, temporary on demand staffing needs then you have to visit with our management team to see how our solutions can enhance your property values while reducing your operating expenses.