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Multifamily Housing Industry Evolution,…

It’s never been a better time to be a renter. What used to be considered a transition to homeownership has transformed into an attractive option..

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Community Wide Wi-Fi Has…

How often do you use the Internet? It seems like a loaded question, but over 80 percent of American adults use the Internet daily, with..

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CXC Talent Solutions: Has A Better Solution.

Fast paced work environment

This company allowed me to expand my knowledge of the multifamily industry. I learned how to multitask as this is a face paced work environment. Sales knowledge is a must and this company really allowed me to perfect my sales skills.

Leticia J.

Leasing Temp


Working with CXC Solutions has allowed me to learn and grow in the leasing community by giving me the chance to learn and grow. The hardest part is the distance to commute to different properties.

Sandra C.

Leasing Agent

Excellent place to work with.

The time I had with cxc was great. I had no regrets at all. I loved the agents who called and made sure I was happy and well fit for that position I was appointed too. I was most greatful for the pleasure working at every property I was assigned to. I just wish they never left Houston. Cxc was on point with making there employees happy Everytime.

Eddie V.

Maintenance Technician

Temporary Service

I good temporary service. They will help you find permanent employment with a company that meets your skill level. They are good about checking in with you to see how your assignment is going.

Michael S.

Leasing Specialist


Alright , it was enjoying there.
Alright , it was fine working there.
Alright , it would self-paced there.
Alright , I’d like to work there again.

Eldon P.


Fun work Environment

Your typical work day you come in check your property, check your mail if it’s the first of the month for rent, run reports, post payments, run credit and background check you will have to learn new programs if your familiar with them. There is a lot of diversity in this filed as well as personalities they may be the hardest part of the job but the most rewarding is being able to help a family that may have had the hardest time find a decent place to live.

Daniel E.

Leasing Consultant
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