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CXC has been recognized as a Multi-Awarded & Professional team that never forgets where they come from and always listen and adapts.

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[cs_column flex_column_section_title="The Road Ahead" content_title_color="#acacac" cs_column_margin_left="0" cs_column_margin_right="0" ]Here at CXC Talent, our recruitment team sets us apart from other service providers. Simply put, we deliver better talent, faster and more economically while focusing on integrity to ensure our clients are always protected and candidates treated fairly.
Whether you’re looking for leasing staff and operations, maintenance, administrative, in temporary or full time placement, we can help you find the right fit for your team. [/cs_column]
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[cs_infobox cs_infobox_title="In Dallas" ][infobox_item cs_infobox_list_icon="icon-pin-alt" ]15400 Knoll Trail DriveSuite 591Dallas, Texas 75248[/infobox_item][infobox_item cs_infobox_list_icon="icon-phone6" ]phone: (972) 331-9988[/infobox_item][infobox_item cs_infobox_list_icon="icon-envelope-o" ]email: [email protected][/infobox_item][/cs_infobox]
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