Great Candidates Go Fast. We Make You Go Faster.

Using the CXCTalent Candidvue Platform.


I’m John Cullens CEO and founder of  CXC Talent solutions.

I spent more than 25 years working with companies in the apartment and many other industries.

Working as a partner to find talented people to build their teams.

One of the most important things that I’ve learned in those 25 years in 25 years of staffing is hiring people is a business practice acquiring talent is a business strategy.

We are here to talk about how CXC can help you improve your talent acquisition strategy.

Companies using CXC staffing, Will be able to add talent faster and more efficiently as the economy begins to recover from this lockdown.

Old-school recruiting is painful, slow and inefficient. You run as you review Resumes you call candidates you try to manage an interview schedule, and you’re barely halfway done. CXC has a better solution.

Will use our digital interviewing software platform candid view.

Digital interviews speed up the process and are much more for convenient for the candidate and for the hiring manager.

You schedule your interview, or you watch your pre-recorded interviews, when it is convenient for you.

No more time wasted on that no call no show interview.

CXC pre-screens and verifies the identity of every candidate we send. We use an equal employment opportunity compliant software through a third-party screening process our partner S to verify to handle every background check.

To protect our customers and their residence we run county level searches for all CXC employees.

Many companies run a broad national search but those searches will often miss the kind of detail that we uncover in a county level search.

But only using the national perspective they often miss as much as 70% of the county records of the criminal records that we find on the local search.

If you use a vendor credentialing service CXC is registered and approved as a compliance depot real page vendor partner. And we are a member of the credential key program.

Regardless of your staffing needs whether it’s temporary contingent temporary direct hire project-based staffing.

CXC can meet your needs.

We’re pleased to offer our CXC hire program to quickly onboard your team members while you’re working through your interviewing in screening process and screening process you no longer have to wait for a Sharp candidate.

Good candidates go fast and CXC higher let you act fast.

You need when you need

So what are you waiting for? CXC is here to help you add the town that you need why not call us today and let’s get started

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